Welcome to Custom Calibers

Gunning for perfection in the field of military-grade gifts!
Like most great ideas, it started with a beer! Starting in 2017 we launched with a single flagship product. Our Bullet Bottle Opener, hand crafted from the casing of a fired .50 calibre machine gun round manufactured in a one car garage.
When demand for it skyrocketed, we ran with the idea, dreaming up a full line of products upcycled from repurposed ammo shells and other awesome ordnance. Today we feature an ever-expanding product line serving both national and international customers ranging from shot glasses to jewellery and unique home accessories, you’ll find it all at Custom Calibers.
We aim to provide the best hand crafted, personalized man-gifts, groomsman gifts and corporate/promotional products on the market.
We’re a family owned and operated company committed to producing high end, handcrafted gear you’ll keep in your arsenal for years to come. All our products are skilfully crafted from 100% British-made munitions once fired by our nation’s military.
Running our own business affords us complete freedom over the production, quality and customer service that we strive to provide to all our customers. That is what we pride ourselves on delivering each and every day.
Custom Calibers is a mission-driven, socially conscious gift and accessories company designed to give thanks to veterans and Law enforcement, those fighting for our country at home and overseas, and the families who provide them with love and support from home.
We endeavour to provide simple ways for people to give back and show their pride and gratitude for service men and women. We also strive to raise awareness of the many challenges veterans face by raising and donating money for organisations giving veterans the support they need to overcome those challenges.
Our .50 caliber bottle openers, Pens, Shot glasses, Cufflinks and much more are all hand made in the United Kingdom from once-fired ammunition.
We chose the humble bullet because it grabs a person’s attention and ignites an important conversation about saying “thank you” to veterans. Our accessories and unique gifts provide people with a distinctive way to honour the men, women and families who have dedicate their lives to our safety and freedom.