Bullet Bottle Opener: The best gift for ANY man

When it comes to buying a gift for a man, it can be very challenging. One reason for this is because men are functional and practical creatures. You can get away with giving a woman any item just as long as it’s shiny or aesthetically pleasing. For men, it doesn’t quite work that way because functionality is often what’s valued. Thankfully, you can buy a bullet bottle opener, and almost any man will love it.

Why it’s perfect for men

As the name suggests, a bullet bottle opener is a bottle opener that’s crafted from a bullet shell. The aura of masculinity that comes with bullets is something that all men can relate to at the very least. A bullet bottle opener has other benefits too.

Below are a few of the notable ones.

  • Awesome factor – For many men, bullets are simply awesome. It’s something that’s hard to explain, but most men will get it. If a man sees a bullet bottle opener sitting on a table, chances are he’s going to ask how and where the owner got it.
  • Functional – The beauty of the bullet bottle opener is that it’s a functional gift. For one, it can open beer bottles, which is the favourite drink of most men. Also, it can be designed as a keychain to open beers on the go.
  • Affordable – Another great thing about a bullet bottle opener is that it’s a relatively affordable gift. It feels heavy as it’s crafted from a real bullet shell so it won’t feel like it’s a cheap item. Add the fact that it’s a gift that has actual use and you’ll be getting excellent value for your money.

What to look for

When shopping for a bullet bottle opener, the thing that you should avoid is the fakes. The fake ones will look like a bullet shell, but are just pieces of cheap aluminium shaped like one. These replicas won’t feel genuine so the receiver won’t appreciate them as much. Also, the price difference between a real thing and a fake one isn’t that big. Hence, just get the real one.

Where to buy a bullet bottle opener

The best way to avoid fakes is to get your bullet bottle opener from a specialised store. Don’t buy from a convenience or department store as it’s likely going to be a mass-produced item. Also, a specialised store will always have better quality bullet bottle openers that are crafted by skilled artisans.

Final advice

Before you buy a bullet bottle opener, you should also check the customer service of the seller. Sometimes, there are hiccups during the delivery as it may be mistaken for a real live bullet. You’ll need the help of the customer service to get things sorted. If you’d like a recommendation, go to our website, customcalibers.co.uk, as we offer top-notch customer service and handcrafted bullet bottle openers made from the real thing.