Your big day is fast approaching, but there’s still so much for you to accomplish! Plans need to be executed, things need arranging, and guests have RSVP’d already! Naturally, all the running would have drained you out. Fortunately, you and your wife have bridesmaids and groomsmen who are all helping in every way they can. They are definitely the people you can’t do without.

Shopping for bridesmaids can be easy, but getting groomsman gifts will prove to be a challenge, especially if there’s no one guiding you as you make a decision! Don’t worry as that’s why we are here for; just read on as you’ll find the best groomsman gifts below.

Before that, we’ll give you tips on how to make a selection.

1. Think about the interests, preferences, or style of your groomsmen.

Each one of your groomsmen may be different, but it’s more likely that they aren’t. After all, you’re all best buddies; therefore, you have the same taste! But, let’s focus on you thinking of certain items that will be appreciated by the guys. If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, then start with identifying what they would rather not have. Once you get the no-no’s out of the way, you can then proceed on selecting something that defines them.

2. List down gift ideas.

Make a list of all the possibilities you can think of. Add as well the items that you think they’ve been wanting to get for a long time. We suggest you go all out as they’ve made your planning and executing a wedding easier, haven’t they?

3. Have a budget.

If possible, outline a budget so you can narrow down your options. Stick to the items that fall into your set budget. A great idea to save a few bucks is by choosing personalised items that are sold online. The online market has so much in store for you from 50 cal pens to military grade ammo boxes that are repurposed into cases for flasks, whiskey bottles, and tumblers!

Now that you know how to choose the right groomsman gifts to give to your mates, check out what we think are some of your best options below!

  • Shoes – Shoes make great gifts for any man. Although this can be a great idea, it’s hard to find the right sizes for your groomsmen. If you can secretly ask their girlfriends or wives, then you can definitely go for this gift idea.
  • Liquor – Any type of liquor will do, may it be wine, whiskey or beer. As you’re close with the guys, you already know what their favourite drink is. This should be an easy buying decision for you!
  • Custom Hip Flask and Grenade Shot Glass Set – An ammo crate gift box with a hip flask and shot glasses made out of 40mm grenades make for an unforgettable and awe-inspiring gift! This one is a sure hit with every single one of your groomsmen and that’s a guarantee.
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