Why a Bullet Pen is an Amazing Gift Idea

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your husband, dad, uncle, grandfather or brother? If that’s the case, then a bullet pen is one of the safest gifts you give to a man. If you’re not sure what a bullet pen is, then keep reading as this article is going to discuss what it is and how to shop for one.

What is a bullet pen?

A bullet pen is a special kind of writing pen as the body is crafted from a real bullet and it works just like any ballpoint pen. Bullets are often associated with masculinity, and that’s why a bullet pen is something that most men will appreciate as a gift. Aside from the cool design, it’s also a functional gift.

A bullet pen is a unique gift as well, and it’s not something ordinary. As a result, you will have a gift that will easily stand out and become memorable.

What to look for

If the idea of a bullet pen as a gift is interesting to you, then you need to know how to shop for one. What you want to avoid is buying a pen that’s dirt cheap and mass manufactured. Often, these pens will break down almost immediately.

Below are a few tips that you need to know before you buy a bullet pen.

  • Speciality – Perhaps the first thing that you need to check out is if the sellers are specialising in selling bullet pens. If they’re not, then you’re likely going to buy something that has sub-par quality and has been mass manufactured. Shops that specialise in selling or crafting bullet pens are your best chance as that’s what they do and they know which item is right for your situation.
  • Reputability – The reputation of the seller is something that you need to check as well. This is especially true if you’re opting for a custom-made design. You’d want to know if the shop will deliver on time. You can check a couple of forums or online reviews to know if the shop is reputable. Keep in mind that there are people that complain a lot for just about any little thing. Hence, if you only see a couple of negative reviews and tons of good reviews, then that should be okay.
  • Customer Service – Before you finalise your purchase, you’d also want to check the customer service. A good sign is a seller that has multiple ways of contacting them like email, phone, or social media platform. Don’t neglect customer service because if you buy from a shop with bad customer support, then you will definitely have a horrible shopping experience if something goes wrong with your purchase.

Closing thoughts

A bullet pen is an excellent gift for any man. It’s functional, masculine and memorable. Just be sure to buy from an excellent seller to avoid problems and complications. If you would like a recommendation, then check out CustomCalibers.co.uk. They specialise in crafting and selling bullet pens of all caliber sizes. They also offer customisation.

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